Waking Mars

Waking Mars is an arcade adventure set, as the name implies, on Mars. It has been discovered that Mars contains a network of underground caverns, brimming with weird life forms. From the biosphere erected on the surface, your job is to descend into the caverns and make scientific discoveries about the various life forms. To progress from one cavern to another, you also need to cultivate the Mars life in order to increase the amount of biomass in the particular section of the cavern in question. The lush, atmospheric artwork is clearly an outstanding feature of Waking Mars. While the game is enjoyable, the difficulty curve of the arcade aspect of the game play increases a little sharply, going at one point from relatively easy planting operations to a scene in which a series of alien plants must be dodged which in my experience could take scores of tries. Meanwhile, the storyboard is highly directed. Fans of more strategy-oriented arcade adventures may find Waking for Mars slightly restrictive in that respect. Nonetheless, I would recommend that you at least try getting lost in Mars' stunning underground caverns for a couple of hours and see if this game is for you.

Exploring the underground caverns of Mars
Puzzle (other)
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