Snoopy Coaster

Snoopy Coaster is a simple arcade game that will appeal to fans of Sonic-the-Hedhehog style games. Use touchscreen gestures to control a chain of roller coaster cars containing Snoopy and companions, making the cars "jump" to collect rings and other objects.

Controlling a "roller coaster" of connected cars means that the cars follow an arced path when the player "jumps". One of the challenges is therefore to make this path match up with multiple objects as the cars jump.

This is a fun little game for a few minutes, particularly the Sonic style game appears to you generally. However (as with the original Sonic in my opinion), it does suffer from somewhat repetitive levels and challenges and will not appeal to those looking for a game with a little more depth.

Snoopy Coaster in action: note the Sonic The Hedgehog similarity!
Puzzle (other)
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