If there's one classic board game that even non-gaming fans have heard of in addition to Scrabble, it's probably Monopoly. This Monopoly iPhone edition from Electronic Arts will bring back all those memories of fighting for Mayfair round the family dining table.

As you might expect from an EA release, this version is relatively high on production value, featuring an animated 3D board (which looks pretty while essentially adding nothing whatsoever to the actual game). Neat UI touches that you will either love or hate include shaking the device in order to roll the dice.

This is a decent, enjoyable vanilla implementation of the classic Monopoly game with a fun presentation, offering various features that you would expect such as competing with either human or AI players of different levels. As such, it doesn't solve some of the underlying flaws with the original Monopoly game. Die-hard fans of more modern board games may prefer to check out the various iPad versions now available (some of which are reviewed on this site) of games such as Stone Age, San Juan etc.

Monopoly for iPhone showing the board overview
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