The Rivals for Catan

Rivals for Catan is a faithful iPad version of the latest incarnation of the "Settlers for Catan" card game for two players.

Like the Catan board game, Rivals for Catan involves trading different commodities in order to build up your "empire"— in this case, a principality consisting of a number of settlements, cities and buildings, trade fleets etc.

The iPad version can be played against a computer player or against a human player, either via the Game Center or in "pass and play" mode. Gameplay is generally smooth and enjoyable and the graphics and finish to the app are of high quality. Two slight gripes with the implementation as it stands are that swiping between your principality and your opponent's (which is not secret and openly viewable by both players in the original board game) is slightly clumsy, and that the sceen flow is occasionally unintuitive (a couple of times, I accidentally discarded cards that I intended to keep by misunderstanding the implication of tapping a 'tick' icon...!).

Nonetheless, this is an faithful, enjoyable implementation of the Catan card game and highly recommended for Catan fans!

Catan Rivals in action
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