SmallChess Pro

SmallChess Pro builds on a combination of chess engines to bring you the ultimate chess app for chess geeks!

Using a combination of open source engines, Chess Pro is designed to cater to players of all ability from beginner to the most advanced levels. Beginners should not be put off, however, as the app includes features such as coaching and annotated games and from this point of view, the app will prove to be a worthwhile investment for those looking to progress their game over the long term. The app's output will also appeal to those interested in some of the "geekery" behind the actual chess AI.

The downside of the app for a few players may be in that it is not heavily UI focussed. If you were looking for shiny 3D rendering of the chessboard, or animated Lego-themed bishops, you would need to look elsewhere. If you simply want to concentrate on the actual tactics of chess, then this is the app for you.

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