4 Thrones Solitaire

4 Thrones Solitaire is a unique twist on solitaire card games using a special deck of cards. In this game, all of the number cards belong to a specific suit, as in a standard deck. The picture cards do not belong to specific suits but rather have special properties.

For example, a Jack will accept a lower card of any suit. Using the special rules for the picture cards, the aim is to build up four piles of cards, always building higher except for when the special cards allow exceptions. You are also allowed to "skip" the next card in the draw pile a certain number of times.

The game is simple but slickly presented and is just the right size for the iPhone screen. It will appeal to solitaire fans who want a fun, quick-to-grasp and quick-to-play game to fill those short breaks.

The authors are also hoping to release a printed version of the game and the app contains a link to their Kickstarter project for this.

Download 4 Thrones Solitaire from the US App Store

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4 Thrones Solitaire
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