Air Supply SOS

If you were wondering whether Spectrum classic Jetpac is available for iPhone, the answer is... yes, sort of. Air Supply - SOS (Save Our Sheep) is an amusing but difficult spin-off.

For those who either weren't born or were living under a stone in the 1980s, the original Jetpac game was a 2D arcade game in which you played the part of a spaceman marooned on a series of curiously identical planets inhabited by different forms of monotone aliens on which, conveniently enough, it happened to rain fuel. Your aim was to collect the fuel for your space rocket while dodging and shooting the aliens before travelling to the next planet.

Air Supply - SOS will therefore appeal to those who wish to pay homage to the original. The simple controls mean the game works relatively well on the iPhone touchscreen. Be warned, however, that it is fiendishly difficult, even more so than the original.

Air Supply SOS
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