Tiny Words

Tiny Words is a very simple but addictive word game. You are presented with a "rack" of 4 random letter tiles which you must re-arrange to form words. The existing tiles in the rack can be dragged to swap their order. Or, when no more new words are possible with the current selection letters, you may pull the next letter down from the "pile" of random letters to replace one of the letters in the rack.

The object of the game is to score as many points-- by completing as many words-- within a short time limit. There is no penalty as such for creating combinations in and amongst which are not words but bonus points are awarded for "runs" of words.

All the concept is extremely simple, I found the game well implemented and addictive. For word game fans, I highly recommend it to fill those short moments of idleness in your coffee break or while waiting for the bus.

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