Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft combines elements of 'connect the matching items' style puzzles with 'empire building' games. The result is a compelling mixture that will keep you playing.

The game centres around a village (or in fact, a settlement which gets upgraded in category as the game goes on) in which you can farm and mine for resources. Those resources are then used to purchase tools and workers that help you with future mining/farming operations. As you have probably guessed, the farming/mining operations involve playing the in-game puzzle mini-games.

Beyond the mini-games, much of the strategy of Puzzle Craft revolves around deciding how best to use your acquired resources: which combination of selling them for gold or swapping them will maximise the tools, workers and buildings that you are able to buy in order to progress your village and resource-making opportunities.

I strongly recommend you give Puzzle Craft a try if you are into both classical puzzle games and 'empire/city building' games.

Puzzle Craft: mining for resources
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