How the apps are rated

In general, the games and apps reviewed on Multimobilia have already been pre-selected for being good-quality, recommended apps. Most of the fields/categories used should be self-explanatory, but a few details are included below.


In general, apps reviewed on Multimobilia fall into one of the following categories: Board (generally a conversion of a real-life board game), Puzzle or Strategy. Non-game categories include Productivity and Reference.

Attention span

This field is mostly appropriate for games though it could apply to e.g. certain educational apps. It refers to how long a typical "session" of the game is likely to need to be for you to make the most of it.

Means that in a few minutes you can have a complete game/round, so that the app is suitable for picking up e.g. while waiting for a bus or during a coffee break.
Means that to complete a level/round of the game, you need more like 15-30 minutes.
Means that you will typically need an hour or more to complete a level or round of the game.