Tap & Clear

Tap & Clear is a relaxing puzzle game. On each screen, you must clear a board of coloured blocks by tapping groups of blocks of the same colour.

As the name implies, tapping blocks clears them, allowing the blocks higher up to fall into the space cleared. On each level, you have a limited number of taps available. Thus, the puzzle revolves around judiciously tapping the blocks in the correct order in order to join blocks of the same colour together and in so doing, clear the board in the required number of steps.

The game has a relaxing mood to it, with calm but attractive music and graphics. It appears quite addictive and can be played in short spells.

The game features in-app purchasing of "hints", which you can use to guide you to which block to tap next when you get stuck. Unfortunately, you do not start with any hints: it would have been nice to see a handful included free.

Overall, the game is attractively presented and gameplay is smooth and engaging. Recommended for puzzle fans that prefer a more relaxing pace of game that does not require long periods of play.

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Tap & Clear
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