BraveSmart will appeal to those who enjoy a combination of puzzles and board games. Featuring a mildly humorous "Scottish" theme, the game is played on a board consisting of hexagonal spaces, not dissimilar to that found in games such as Tikal or Settlers of Catan.

The computer controls various "players" which deposit resources on the board as they move. On your move, you combine adjacent identical resources to create houses or upgrade houses already on the board. A number of single-use tools are also at your disposal to help you, such as weights which you can use to clear a space on the board.

As with many recent mobile games, Bravesmart also revolves around a system of "currency" which you win on completing a level and may spend on additional tools. More currency can then be bought as an In-App Purchase. I found that the game strikes a reasonable balance between being able to genuinely progress through levels without the need to make many purchases.

Puzzle (other)
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