Luxor is an action strategy game that will appeal to players who enjoy a combination of games such as Bejeweled with games of the "breakout" type or "action" puzzles generally.

Each level consists of a "track" with a particular shape. A series of coloured balls rolls into the track. The player controls a "canon" located at the bottom of the screen which fires a series of coloured balls (sliding to move it from left to right and tapping to fire the current ball). The aim is to fire the ball into the "pack" of balls currently snaking its way along the track in order to "knock out" series of 3 or more balls of the same colour, and hence prevent the balls from reaching the end the track. As in other "breakout" style games, the player must simultaneously collect falling rewards and extensions.

The game begins at a steady pace but after the first few levels increases to a faster-paced, "semi-action" style game. A strategic difficulty that the player must contend with, particularly on later levels, is that as the sequence of balls snakes round the track, some parts may "obscure" sequences further up the screen. Later levels also require the player to deal with more than one sequence simultaneously.

Overall, Luxor should prove to be an addictive "short to medium concentration" passtime for those who are into puzzle games closer to the "action" end of the scale.

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