Blosics is an arcade/strategy style game with "2D game physics" gameplay à la Angry Birds.

On each level, you must "shoot" a number of balls in order to hit a structure made up of blocks and knock the blocks out of the play area. You must do so without exceeding a certain quota of 'points', where each ball that you use costs a certain number of points. It sounds simple-- and the first couple of levels are-- but as the levels progress, you soon learn that there are various twist to the game. As you progress, you unlock a host of different balls with different characteristics (mass, number of balls launched at once, "magnetic" balls that attract blocks, introducing a whole new strategy for clearing the level beyond simply 'smashing' things). In addition, in many later levels you must remove the "bad" blocks, whilst at the same time preserving "precious" eggs interspersed with them.

The gameplay, animations and transition screens are all slick, allowing you to keep up a good pace of play without annoying interruptions.

I found Blosics very addictive and would strongly recommend it to those that like a mixture of puzzle and "action" style play. (In particular, if you enjoy Angry Birds, you will almost certainly enjoy Blosics.)

A typical level in Blosics
Puzzle (other)
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