Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz is an addictive popular classic with a modern makeover that, unlike many re-releases of classics, truly tailors the game to the touchscreen format.

This new version from Electronic Arts re-vamps the traditional Tetris game for the modern mobile era in a number of ways. As well as the superficial modernisation of the graphics (giving them an ever so slightly overly-psychedelic look if I may say), the modern Tetris (as with EA's previous 'classic' version of Tetris for iPhone) changes the gameplay so that instead of manoeuvring the blocks into place, the player must simply touch the screen to select a number of alternative positions proposed. Tetris also becomes a strictly timed game, with levels essentially 2 minutes long. These two gameplay changes together make the game fit much more with the "short sharp fix" gaming format for the mobile device.

The game also extends original versions of Tetris with a number of bonuses which the player can buy in exchange for the game's in-built currency. As you might have expected, the currency can be won in game or else bought for real money as an In-App Purchase. This does mean that in between every 2 minute level, the game is potentially pestering you to make a purchase and some commentators appear to find this a little intrusive. On the other hand, in the levels I played, it does appear that you can happily enjoy the game without spending money if that's what you prefer.

My overall impression is that this fast-paced, against-the-clock version of Tetris will appeal to those looking for a game requiring a short attention span. It may not be for those looking for something a little more absorbing, but is still well worth checking out.

Tetris Blitz in action
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