The Heist

The Heist is a suite of logic puzzles packaged into a James Bond-esque theme.

The ultimate aim of completing the puzzles is apparently to open a safe, although the link between this and the actual puzzles appears somewhat tenuous!

The puzzles included are of various types. From the menu, you can decide which type of puzzle to tackle next at any time and the puzzles in each series get progressively more difficult. It has to be said that the actual puzzles are of fairly standard types: in the first series, you must work out how to shift a series of blocks around a grid in order to free up another piece (in the guise of an electronic component) and move it from its start point to its goal position; another series has elements of a Sudoku puzzle, but with symbols and coloured, irregularly shaped areas rather than nine regularly arranged square sections; another series is essentially a 'sliding block' puzzle-- I confess, I hate these!-- in the guise of re-arranging a series of wires; in another, you move a number of robots on to their target squares, ensuring not to get them into a position where they are 'trapped' and cannot be moved.

A very strong plus point of The Heist is its presentation: despite being simple puzzles, they are presented with very attractive graphics and absorbing music which fits the genre. My only concern is, since they are fairly 'standard' puzzle types, whether the app will have a long playing life or whether it will be a 5 minute wonder.

Still, if you enjoy standard Sudoku or shift-the-blocks-around type puzzles, The Heist presents such puzzles in a very attractive, absorbing way.

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