Caveman is a fairly unashamed clone of the 90s classic Lemmings.

For those who were either not born yet or living under a stone during the 90s, Lemmings was a popular strategy game in which the aim was to assign different tasks or worker types to a given number of lemmings to allow them to "escape" from the level. It was probably one of the first (and at least one of the most memorable) examples of a game in which the player had to control multiple "agents" rather than a single player character.

In this remake, the lemmings theme has been replaced for a scenario in which you must guide a number of cavemen to their escape. However, apart from this very thin disguise, the game is essentially an out-and-out Lemmings clone, down to having the same selection of available tools and imitating various behaviour of the original such as the exploding lemmings (cavemen) when you decide to abandon a level. This will therefore be either the app's appeal or disappointment depending on whether you are looking for a straight clone or something with an extra twist over the original.

Therefore, the app is highly recommended for fans of the original Lemmings game. On the other hand, if you already have the "official" Lemmings game on another device, you won't be gaining much new with this version.

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