Cluedo (Clue)

Cluedo is a spin-off strategy game based on the board game of the same name (called simply Clue in the US): in a series of scenarios, a murder has been committed by one of the familiar Cluedo characters and, as a budding detective/journalist, you must investigate the scene of the crime (in each case, a house consisting of some of the rooms from the original game), interrogating the characters and looking for clues around the house on the basis of what characters tell you. Finally, you must make an accusation in the familiar format of suspect, room and murder weapon and gain a number of stars depending on how many elements of your accusation are correct. Scenes and suspects are presented in an animé style with gameplay reminiscent of point-and-click adventure games.

Cluedo is an entertaining game insofar as it goes and will appeal particularly to logic puzzle fans. But it is important to emphasise that this is a spin-off app and not the original board game. If you enjoyed the original Cluedo board game, I still recommend that you give it a go: just be prepared for something a little different to what you expected.

Interviewing a suspect in Cluedo
Puzzle (other)
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