Cyto's Puzzle Adventure

Cyto's Puzzle Adventure (published by Chillingo) is a fun and relaxing casual “2D physics” puzzle. Like many puzzle games of its genre, gameplay is based on the player judging their moves carefully as they move the Cyto character via touch gestures, making use of available elements in the level that interact in particular ways (bouncing, sticking, etc). One notable feature that makes this game stand out compared to others of the 2D physics puzzle genre is the “malleable” feel of the game elements.

The pace of gameplay is relaxed and generally designed to keep the player engaged and allow progress to be made without getting stuck with a specific problem on one particular level: provided that a minimum number of items or “memories” are collected on a level, you can move to the next level and then come back later to try and complete it with a perfect score. As levels progress, new game elements with new types of physics interactions are introduced. Relaxing music contributes to the atmosphere of the game.

Overall, Cyto's Puzzle Adventure is a polished, engaging puzzle game that will appeal to those looking for a casual, relaxing game requiring “medium” attention span.

(Note that the version reviewed here is the iPad version. A version is also available for iPhone.)

Cyto in action!
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