Khaba is a spatial puzzle game with atmospheric graphics and an educational element. The somewhat spurious storyline is that you are exploring chambers of an Egyptian pyramid and, in order to progress from one chamber to another, you need to line up mirrors and other items so that the path of light is reflected from one door to the next.

Well, let's face it, this wouldn't be the first game with a tenuously constructed storyline. Luckily, the actual gameplay per se is rather enjoyable. The first levels, as you might expect, start off simply to allow you to get accustomed to how the puzzles work: at these initial stages, there's little mystery about where to place the mirrors so that the light bounces in the correct path. But as things progress, levels have multiple mirrors and other objects such as light-activated switches and doors that mean that some thought does need to be put into completing the level.

The games well-drawn graphics benefit from a parallax effect as the levels are scrolled around. At intervals, a voice-animated character also interjects to offer what are occasionally hints and occasionally some irritatingly unnecessary narration that perhaps may appeal to younger players.

The game is iPad only, but given the need to scroll around levels and move objects round, this seems a reasonable decision. With later levels taking perhaps 10-15 minutes or so to solve, overall, Khaba is a good short-attention span puzzle game for the iPad.

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