The Room Two

The Room Two is a lushly rendered puzzle game which, despite the relative simplicity of some of its puzzles, will keep you hooked thanks to its intricate and superbly designed graphics. If you're looking for a slow-paced but absorbing game that will keep your mind gently trained, then The Room Two will fit the bill perfectly!

In each of a series of scenarios, the aim is to explore the immaculately presented "room" in which you find yourself, collecting and manipulating objects in order to reach your goal, solving a variety of mini puzzles along the way. Two things in particular will keep you hooked: on the one hand, the variety of puzzles, which range from simple "hunt the key" tasks to slightly more complicated code-breaking or practical manipulation mini games; and on the other, the inspiring beauty and intricacy of the graphics, which are some of the most absorbing that you will find in a puzzle game.

A nice touch of the game is its hints system, which gives the player time to explore the next phase of the level before automatically offering a hint if it detects that the player is stuck. The game also makes good use of the touch screen, with a variety of gestures used to manipulates objects.

It's actually hard to find very much negative to say about this game. A slight criticism for some of the more bespectacled among us is that the in-game text on occasion involves that irritating small, spidery ornate lettering that we all wish humanity had abandoned with the invention of the typewriter. If you're lucky enough to have deep enough pockets (both physically and metaphorically) to own an iPhone 6 Plus, then this may not be a problem, but on my lowly 5S screen, reading some of the text took a bit of squinting.

All in all this is an excellent game that all fans of the "relaxing, absorbing puzzle/exploration" genre should check out!

What looks like a roulette wheel proves to be a compass used to enter a secret code
Puzzle (other)
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