Word Jigsaw

Word Jigsaw combines elements of a crossword game with elements of a jigsaw puzzle.

The game centres around a grid of letters which must be filled in each round. To fill the grid, you drag a number of Tetris-like shapes into position. To complete each grid, all rows must form a word.

The game can be played on a number of different sized grids: three smaller grids in the free version and three larger grids if you buy the in-app upgrade. Also available for in-app purchase are packs of "hints", which when used will tell you the correct position of one of the blocks.

A minor criticism is that there is apparently no control over the actual vocabulary. It would be nice to see an option, say, to play with easy/medium/hard vocabulary. Playing in languages other than English could also be an interesting extension.

Overall, the game is extremely enjoyable for those moments when you need a short to medium length break.

Word Jigsaw in the App Store (US)

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